Objets de Convoitises - YSL Manifesto

Creation a new perfume bottle

Elaborate packaging like an artistic manifesto

Mr. Saint Laurent is a visionary and has marked the fashion world with an indelible stamp, making it closer to art. The Manifesto perfume asserts the attitude of a precursor.

The role of elaborate packaging: To design a bottle that crystalises a state of mind and a self-assured femininity.

Artistic vision: Objets de Convoitises has created, in collaboration with the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, a new perfume called Manifesto. This bottle of perfume designed as a sculpture was initially inspired by the art of perfumery and fashion. In the outline, it is reminiscent of a woman’s silhouette clothed in Yves Saint Laurent haute couture.

The glass amethyst colored belt cut like a diamond draws its inspiration from the designer’s famous jewel cuffs. It brings a harmonious contrast to the fine taut curves of the bottle. The top has the same stamping on it, so typical of Yves Saint Laurent accessories.


Design, Creation, Artistic management – perfume bottle
3D Volume, 2D Graphics, technical contract documents, development of elaborate packaging, industrial design follow-up (layout, iges verriers)


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